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How to care for my jewellery - 

Your new jewellery comes with a special cleaning cloth. This cloth should be used to clean your jewellery to remove dirt which naturally occurs from everyday wear. Once you have used the cloth, you should place it inside your jewellery box to keep the cloth from picking up rough dirt which could then scratch your jewellery the next time you clean it. 

You can clean your jewellery using mild soap and warm water, but don't use any abrasive material such as a dish sponge or wire wool. You should also stay away from gold polish; this tends to be slightly abrasive and contains harsh chemicals which can damage your jewellery. 

If you lose the cleaning cloth we provide, you can use a microfiber cloth or chamois instead to clean your jewellery. 

Please do not let this ring come in contact with hand sanitiser as this is a very aggressive chemical! 

How to store my jewellery - 

When you have finished wearing your jewellery, it is always best to store it back in its box where nothing can scratch it. you should also fasten the chain if it is a necklace or bracelet to help stop it from getting tangled. The jewellery should be stored individually in its own box or pouch, as to stop the jewellery scratching each other. 


Please remember to store the jewellery in its box in a cool dry place. Dampness will cause the box to develop mold and damage the jewellery inside.

Every day things that can damage my jewellery - 

A lot of our everyday life unfortunately brings us into contact with chemicals that over time can damage the gold plating on your jewellery. 

Some things to keep your jewellery away from include swimming, which can either bring your jewellery into contact with salt or chlorine, showering, which allows chemicals from hair and body products which can dull your jewellery over time and even sun tan lotion, which can cause damage. 

It is best to keep all chemicals away from your jewellery to ensure it lasts many years. If you are careful about what comes into contact with your jewellery and ensure that any body lotion, oil or cream is fully dried before wearing your jewellery, you should not experience any problems. 

It is also a good idea to not wear your jewellery whist performing tasks that require handling of rough, hard objects which would ultimately scratch your jewellery. 

Gemstone care - 

Our gemstones are all natural and each one is precious with its own individuality. We recommend caring for the whole piece of jewellery as stated above. 

You should try to keep your stones from knocks and when you store the jewellery, be careful that there is nothing else alongside it which could scratch the stone. 

We recommend keeping your stone away from direct sunlight for prolonged periods, as the UV light can damage stones and make the stone colour fade. Gemstones need to be taken care of, they don't like chemicals and some don't like oils. Some stones are slightly porous, such as lapis lazuli and opal, which can allow oil to soak into microscopic pores, making the stone appear dull or its colour to fade. 



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