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Permanent Collection

Iconic Designs

Named after the ancient plains of Shinar in the Middle East, Shinar Jewels is a luxury jewellery brand, combining the splendour and beauty of the ancient worlds, whilst adorning the modern woman.

We began in 2016 designing iconic jewellery from our London studio. We specialised in septum piercings and body jewellery for the first 3 years gaining popularity in a global market.

Our new focus is on designing ancient inspired jewellery with a trend driven aesthetic which can be combined and layered to build Shinar's  iconic look at an affordable price. 

Shinar jewellery can now be purchased in museum shops and boutiques around the world and we are quickly becoming a high street brand with must have treasures.


Designs have featured on Game of Thrones 'House of the Dragon' by Warner Brothers. We have worked closely with The Ayoub Sisters, making jewellery for their music video 'El Helwa Di' that has debuted in the charts. Whilst also making custom jewellery for The Hoosiers.

Major Exhibitions

Shinar has had the privilege to design jewellery for major exhibitions in the UK's biggest museums. These include The British Museum, Oxford University's Ashmolean Museum and other museums across the UK. 

At Shinar Jewels, we are passionate about designing jewellery that is both timeless and modern. Our designs celebrate the ancient world, while also incorporating contemporary style. 

Our jewellery is made from the highest quality recycled materials, is waterproof and comes with a lifetime warranty. We invite you to explore our range of one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to be cherished for generations.

Permanent Collection
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Waterproof Jewellery

Inspired by trends, Shinar's forward thinking approach has been to encourage confidence in body and self with jewellery designs created for the modern look everyone is talking about.

We want this confidence to also reflect the quality of jewellery we make. With this in mind we produce jewellery which is waterproof so will not tarnish or turn black and green. Our jewellery is handmade using titanium alloy infused with pure 18ct gold. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all jewellery to ensure your treasures will always give you confidence. 

Shinar Jewels focuses on layering necklaces  to create our own conceptual styles whist giving you freedom to design layering stacks best suited to you at affordable prices to get the branded look. 

Our necklaces are fully adjustable by yourself to create the perfect look anywhere anytime.  

No matter the style, all our jewellery complements a modern look with an irresistible taste from our ancient past. Our treasure has a deep golden lustre glistening as the purest gold. Shinar Jewels jewellery will compliment any outfit for any occasion.  


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London - Hong Kong

Shinar Jewels produce 18ct gold jewellery in London with craftsmen from London's Hatton Garden and ethically sourced gold and gemstones.

We also produce our titanium alloy jewellery in Hong Kong. All manufacturing processes use the most efficient technology ensuring fuel consumption is kept to a minimum during manufacturing. 

So between London and Hong Kong, Shinar Jewels produces absolutely fabulous jewellery. If you want to find out more about our manufacturing in London and Hong Kong, please contact us.


"I built Shinar Jewels because of my love for classical history and modern fashion. I wanted to create trend driven designs at affordable prices. In order to incorporate ancient designs into a modern look, I decided to combine the ancient designs into modern layered sets and combos. We now stock our jewellery in some of the biggest museums in the world, with iconic branded designs.

I love the relationship we have built with our partners in Hong Kong, and how this will positively impact their community. I want Shinar Jewels to benefit the modern woman with confidence and affordable luxury whist ensuring our jewellery remains ethical and positive for our friends in Hong Kong." 

CEO & Founder

Kirsty Bannister



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