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How to measure your ring size - 


There are a number of ways to measure your ring size. The simplest and most accurate method is to get measured by a professional jeweller in a jewellery store near you. 

Or we can send you a finger measuring gauge for a small fee of £1.20 plus postage. This measuring gauge comes as a bunch of different sized rings, all you need to do is try the rings on until you find a perfect fit. The rings are marked with British sizes, once you find the perfect size, you just need to let us know the size letter of that ring. It doesn't matter what country you are from, this size can be converted to a size you are familiar with.

If you would rather do it yourself, then there are some simple options for obtaining your perfect ring size. 

Measuring you ring size at home - 

To measure your ring size at home, you can cut a thin strip of paper (approximately 4mm or 1/8").

Wrap this comfortably around your finger and mark the end where it meets. Then measure this length with a ruler, this measurement is the internal circumference of your ring size.


You then need to match this number with the internal circumference column in the conversion table above. 

If your internal circumference falls between two numbers, we recommend rounding it up to the larger size. 

You can also use a piece of string to perform this measurement. If you have any difficulty then just give us a message and we will help. 

Measure a ring you already own - 


Find a ring you already own and be sure it fits the finger you intend your new ring to go on. 

You need to measure the INSIDE of the ring with an accurate ruler, this will give you the internal diameter, which you can then convert on the conversion table. Or just tell us and we will convert it for you. 

This is also a great way to measure someones ring if you intend on buying them a gift. Just borrow their ring and measure it in exactly the same way. 

Need help? - 

Just get in touch and we will happily help you work out your finger size. 


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