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Lifetime Warranty For Peace Of Mind



Shinar jewellery is designed to withstand life the way you want to live it, so you can wear it with confidence. 

Shinar Jewels offers a lifetime warranty for our jewellery purchased both on our website or in stores around the world. If purchased on our website, you will automatically be registered for a lifetime warranty, however, if you purchased our jewellery from a store, you must register. This warranty protects your jewellery against scratches, damage, wear and tear, but not against loss or theft. You can register your jewellery here on our website anytime you want. Please see our lifetime warranty terms and conditions here for more information.

How do I Register My Hand-Crafted Jewellery For A Lifetime Warranty?

If purchased on our website, you will automatically be registered for a lifetime warranty. 

Send us an email at with the following information:

  • Full name.

  • Address.

  • E-mail.

  • Contact number (optional).

  • Where you purchased your Shinar jewellery. For example, in a retail store or in The British Museum shop, etc.

  • A picture of your receipt if purchased in store.

  • Or another proof of purchase such as a bank statement.

You will then receive an email confirming you have successfully registered your Shinar jewellery for a lifetime warranty. You will be given a reference number which you can use to make a claim on your warranty.


How Do I Make A Claim On My Warranty?

Simply contact Shinar Jewels by emailing Tell us your full name and current address along with your lifetime warranty reference number.

You will then be required to ship your jewellery to our repair shop for a full repair, polish or re-plating. You will be required to pay the postage to our repair shop in the United Kingdom.

We will then carry out any repair for a small fee of £9.70. Watches are £24.90. Your repaired jewellery will then be sent to you with free shipping anywhere in the world.

We aim to fulfil all lifetime warranty repairs within 5 working days. You would be notified of any delays.


How Often Can I Claim On My Lifetime Warranty?

We want you to enjoy your new jewels and treasure it as an heirloom, this is why we offer a lifetime warranty. You can claim on your warranty if the jewellery gets damaged. We allow each customer a maximum of 1 claim per 26 weeks. So, after your first claim, you can make a new claim every 26 weeks.

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