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Where Our Jewellery Comes From.

Our jewellery is made using a process known as lost wax casting. This process has been used for thousands of years. The process begins with an organic wax model of our jewellery. The jewellery is then submersed in quartz clay. Once the clay has hardened, the jewellery is loaded into a kiln where the wax is melted out, the clay hardened and the molten metal is poured in. The wax that has been melted out is then collected and cleaned for future use.

Our jewellery is currently produced by our friends in Asia who are sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Shinar jewellery is sustainably and ethically handmade with the environment in mind. They cast our jewellery in recycled stainless steel, from designs we send them from the UK.

Coloured enamels

Enamels give vibrant beautiful colour to our designs. Our enamel is made of a special ceramic porcelain polymer infusion. The enamels contain a wonderful natural ceramic porcelain named Kaolin. This has been used for centuries. Our Kaolin ceramic is sourced from naturally occurring kaolin mineral deposits in the South West of England (Devon and Cornwall). 


The UK environment agency has been working closely with the Kaolin mining company Imerys for many years, ensuring pollution prevention during the extraction of Kaolin.


We understand the importance of sourcing gemstones ethically. There is a lot of concern about the origin of gemstones and the conditions in which the stones have been mined. We take this very seriously.

We only use Kimberley diamonds in our jewellery that are 100% free of conflict and from ethical sources. 

The gemstones we use are mostly semi-precious which are cut by our friends in India. These are mined ethically from all around the world and are regulated through trade agreements between countries such as Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Australia. The trade of these stones is regulated by BRICS trade partners and its’ European/Western counterparts. We can track our gemstones back to these mines to ensure the gemstones are ethically and sustainably sourced.



Our jewellery boxes and packaging materials are environmentally friendly and FSC Certified. The FSC mark guarantees that all the materials come from an FSC forest where no more wood is cut down that the forest can reproduce. In addition, all foresters have proper training, safety equipment and earn a decent wage. Our complimentary slips are made from 100% recycled materials, they can then be recycled again should you wish to discard them.

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